Lessons in Imagination

Lessons in Imagination cover

The units in Lessons in Imagination show how K-12 visual arts curriculum might be organized using one essential question: What is real?

The document includes:

  • Units for all grade levels, K-12, comprised of one of more lessons in each unit;
  • Content and process indicators for each lesson;
  • Suggestions for instruction for students with special needs;
  • Supplemental and enrichment assignments; and
  • Examples of formative and summative assessment aligned to the content and the PA Standards for the Arts and Humanities.

The framework outlines the process employed by the writing team to provide an example of how educators might use curriculum writing as a professional learning tool.

A workshop based on the units in the Lessons in Imagination framework and the team’s experiences is available, and the framework can only be purchased through participation in the workshop. Times and dates for workshops will be announced on the Frameworks workshops page as they are scheduled. Individual schools or districts many also schedule a workshop by contacting Phoebe Stern.

See below for links to excerpts from the Lessons in Imagination framework.

Excerpts from Lessons in Imagination

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