CLAE: Fundamentals

Two CLAE Cohort 6 participants experiment with the MadPad app on an ipad during a Draper and Dots music education workshop

Community of Learners for Arts Education (CLAE): Fundamentals is a program for school- and district-level administrators. Participants earn Act 45/PIL credit for successfully completing the program.

School- and district-level administrators new to the world of arts education should consider applying for the Community of Learners for Arts Education (CLAE): Fundamentals program. CLAE: Fundamentals aids administrators in supporting quality arts learning for their students. Participants dig into research, gather data, and implement an action plan to benefit the students in their districts.

Participants receive 35 Act 45/PIL hours upon completion.

Registration fee: $400 for the first person from a single school or district, and $200 for each additional person from the same school or district.

Why focus on the arts? Because strong arts programs foster academic, cognitive, personal, and social and civic outcomes that improve learning across the curriculum.

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We’ll follow up with you when applications open for the next cohort. Contact Jamie Kasper for more information.

A CLAE Cohort 6 participants makes a string instrument out of a cardboard box during a Draper and Dots music education workshop

2017 Highlights


participants completed the program


school districts were represented


hours of continuing education credit awarded

  • I would recommend this program highly to those who want to inspire change guided by research and educated decision-making.

  • The discussion was great and highly applicable to the level of my role in the district.

  • The pacing was excellent, I understood exactly what was expected, and the facilitation allowed for equal sharing and listening. The materials and articles were all relevant, and the entire flow of the program was well-planned.

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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