AEC works to influence policy to support quality arts education.

AEC is part of the Pennsylvania Arts Education Network (PAEN) and works on policy issues within that group. PAEN is a project of Harrisburg-based Education Policy and Leadership Center (EPLC).

Sarah Tambucci, former AEC director, and Jamie Kasper, AEC associate director, were part of the study group that created “Creating Pennsylvania’s Future Through the Arts and Education,” EPLC’s policy report.

Creating Pennsylvania's Future Through the Arts and Education cover

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Among the 33 policy recommendations in the report are some that AEC incorporates into its work with local school districts:

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Education should assure that school districts comply with the existing regulatory requirement that every district regularly assess all non-state-tested academic standards, including the arts, and report the results to the public.
  • School districts should require at least one high school credit in the arts as a graduation requirement.
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Education should encourage school districts to provide real-world learning experiences in the numerous arts and cultural organizations across the Commonwealth that offer comprehensive standards-based programming for students.
  • School boards should adopt policies on the use of their facilities to increase the use of those facilities for the production, display, and exhibition of the arts by community artists as well as students and school personnel.
  • All supporters of the arts and arts education in Pennsylvania, and the organizations that represent them, should make an immediate, concerted, and sustained effort to identify and nurture current and prospective policymakers at the state, municipal, and school district levels, who will be champions for the arts and arts education.

AEC frequently includes recommendations in its self-assessment reports to school districts that reflect the items above.

AEC connects with administrators and school board members through its work in school districts, identifying champions and providing them with support.