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Parent Handbook

High Quality Education in the Arts is a handbook for parents, designed to empower them to advocate for quality arts education for their children.

Parent Handbook Cover

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Hard copies of the handbook are available by contacting Phoebe Stern.

Excerpts from Parent Handbook

To hear and view performances of the musical pieces referred to in the Parent Handbook,  follow these links (page numbers refer to the handbook):

Page 11: A third grade class wrote an acrostic poem (the first letters of each line spell a word), then wrote music for it. Each line was recorded as an ostinato (a repeated melodic or rhythmic pattern), using either voices or instruments. The teacher used sequencing software to layer the ostinati for the final product. Click here for the excerpt.

Page 21: Mark S., who has cerebral palsy, composes music using both commercial and assistive technology. He created “American Tour” on Sibelius music composition software, which he accesses through head switches attached to a Dynavox communication device. Click here for the excerpt.

Page 25: After participating in a drumming experience, students complete a self-assessment based on criteria established by the class reflecting topics of study. Click here to view the drumming experience.