CLAE Applications Open

Applications are now open for AEC’s administrator program, Community of Learners for Arts Education (CLAE)! With two tracks to choose from, CLAE offers ways for administrators of all levels of experience to improve the quality of arts education for their students.

AEC started the CLAE program in 2011 to help school administrators better advocate for the arts. Much as Leadership Academy was designed with educators of all backgrounds in mind, AEC built CLAE around research-based approaches to supporting the arts that all administrators could use. To date, 74 participants have received over 2,500 hours of continuing education credits through CLAE. Through CLAE, AEC has also facilitated numerous connections between educators in school districts and informal educators at arts and cultural organizations in the Greater Pittsburgh Region.

Act 45 of 2007 required standards-based professional learning programs aimed specifically at school and system leaders. AEC applied to offer Act 45 credits in the spring of 2011, and the program now known as CLAE: Fundamentals was born. CLAE: Fundamentals helps less-familiar administrators use research and guidance from teaching artists and fellow administrators to better understand and advocate for the arts in their schools. The fee for the first administrator from each school or district is $350, while each subsequent administrator from that school or district pays only $175; AEC encourages teams to apply so learning can be shared within a district. Participants can earn up to 35 Act 45 hours each. Administrators interested in CLAE: Fundamentals can apply here.

A group of seven school administrators and one tour guide discussing The Frick Pittsburgh's grounds and collections.

A group of administrators tours The Frick Pittsburgh’s Car and Carriage Museum.

In 2017, AEC expanded its offerings by launching a second CLAE program, now known as CLAE: Building a Blueprint. Like CLAE: Fundamentals, CLAE: Building a Blueprint is a four-session series of workshops. However, CLAE: Building a Blueprint was designed for educators more familiar with arts advocacy, and focuses more specifically on improving administrators’ ability to find and hire effective arts personnel while reinforcing their school or districts’ programmatic strengths. CLAE: Building a Blueprint is $400 for the first participant from a district and only $200 for each subsequent applicant from that district. Participants can earn up to 36 Act 45 hours each. Administrators looking for guidance on hiring effective personnel and building out their arts programs can apply here.

In addition to improving administrators’ confidence and providing them with research-based approaches to improving arts education, the two CLAE programs also take participants to exciting locations such as The Frick Pittsburgh, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh Public Theater, and elsewhere. Connecting educational leaders in formal learning environments with others in informal learning environments gives teachers access to resources, programs, and field trip destinations that can inform their work for years to come.

AEC is excited to offer these two CLAE programs concurrently during the 2018-19 school year. CLAE: Fundamentals will take place on October 3, November 30, February 19, and May 9, while CLAE: Building a Blueprint participants will meet on October 1, November 14, January 24, and March 14 at venues throughout the Pittsburgh area. Applications are open through September 7, 2018. Contact Jamie Kasper for further information.

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