Back-to-School Toolkit

AEC has created a back-to-school toolkit for school staff and educators at arts organizations. The toolkit contains documents and information to help educators start the school year.

The back-to-school toolkit contains the following:

  • Arts education talking points for educators to use in district communications and as conversation starters in department meetings
  • Template language to use on websites and in newsletters, community magazines, and other publications
  • A checklist for teachers to use to start the school year
  • A checklist for arts organizations to use as they work to connect with schools
  • AEC’s High quality education in the arts…a handbook for parents, a publication for use by school districts as they engage their community in conversations about arts education

2017-2018 Back-To-School Toolkit

  • Arts Education Talking Points – View/Download PDF – includes information about Every Student Succeeds Act, National Assessment of Educational Progress, PA state budget and education funding, and PA teacher and substitute teacher shortages
  • Template Language for Back-to-School Publications – View/Download PDF
  • Back‐to‐School Checklist for Teachers – View/Download PDF
  • Back‐to‐School Checklist for Arts Organizations – View/Download PDF
  • High quality education in the arts…a handbook for parents – View/Download PDF

Free print copies of High quality education in the arts can be ordered by contacting Phoebe Irwin.

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